Carpet Cleaning South Kensington SW7

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    “One of my good friends have been talking on and on about your carpet cleaning services. She’s been recommending you to me for a while now and I decided to give it a shot. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned before so I was also a little curious. As it turned out my friend was right all along. Your technicians did an amazing job with my carpets, they have never looked so pretty before. – Jody”

    “When my mother comes to visit me at home she always reminds me to have my carpets clean. After nagging me for almost half an year I finally gave in and decided to do it. At first I was thinking I should roll up my sleeves and clean them myself. After a quick internet research I came to the conclusion that I better call on professionals. The guys you sent over arrived exactly on the time we agreed to and did a very good job. All the food and liquid stains were successfully removed. – Andy”

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    When a carpet has become unimaginably dirty, it is our job to bring it back to life. Our carpet cleaning service is a reliable option for homes, work places and public spaces and we are available for hiring seven days of the week.

    Our entire team is made up of people who have either been professionally trained or have been working in the South Kensington industry for a very long time. They get the job done in a very professional manner and they always leave the client satisfied.

    Our clients know that they have landed on a good company the moment they call us

    • Every single client’s service is carried out with equal quality.
    • 100 percent of the service is carried out, without any extra payment.
    • Our team is provided only with environmentally friendly cleaning products.
    • Our team is trained to tackle any challenges that come from the South Kensington filed.
    clean carpet

    Our work starts off when a client calls us. If the client is new, we make sure to introduce them first to our service and give them all of the info they need to know without missing any details.

    If the caller has questions that surround the South Kensington area, we encourage them to ask away. We can give them the answer that they need.

    When they hires us and make their appointment, we notify our cleaning team who make sure to arrive at the client’s home right on time.

    The team will expect from the client to be home at the appointed hour, otherwise, our team will have no other choice but to just leave.

    Before the cleaners arrive, the client needs to prepare their home for the cleaning procedure. They have to clear the carpets of any light furniture and make sure that their pets are in a safe space so that they don’t panic from or bother the cleaning team.

    The cleaning procedure is quick and the results are nothing less than excellent

    When our cleaners arrive, they get to work right away. Starting off with vacuuming to take care of everything that is easily sucked up. The next step is steam cleaning.

    Our team injects jets of boiling water mixed with a cleaning products deep into the carpet. After that they finish off with drying of the carpets.