Carpet Cleaning Putney SW15

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    “I was fascinated with your carpet cleaning service and how you managed to make it soft again. But what surprised me even more is that the carpet was almost dry when your cleaners left. This is miraculous. I will tell all about it to all my friends. – Nick”

    “Even though I clean my home properly and also very often, the carpet I need help with. I use your carpet cleaning service at least twice a year and I love how you do your job. You are always on time, always efficient and you always send the friendliest cleaners at my home. – Rachel”

    You can bring your carpets’ vibrancy and softness back with our carpet cleaning service. Our service caters to homes, offices, public space and anywhere else where there are carpets.

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    Minimum call out charge £48

    The process of hiring is elementary

    • The client will get the same quality as any other client.
    • The cleaning products that our cleaners are using, are healthy and ecologically friendly.
    • The entire service is carried out without any extra payments.
    • The service is available for hire every day of the week.
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    With the level of quality provided by us, hundreds of people from all across London have been satisfied that they have chosen us among all other companies on the Putney market.

    Our team that is carrying out the service is made up of people who are trained and are experts who get the job done without breaking a sweat.

    Raynes Park

    Our work begins when someone calls us. All of the new clients get introduced to the service and how it works from the hiring to the completion, and we make sure that they get all of the details.

    When clients have questions that surround the Putney area, we provide them with the answers that they need. We always make sure that our clients know what they are hiring and paying for.

    After the service is hired, we notify the cleaning team and they make sure to arrive at the client’s home on time. Our team also expect from the client to be home at the pointed hour as well.

    Before the cleaners arrive, the client needs to prepare their home for the cleaning procedure. They need to move any light furniture from carpets and take their pets to a safe space so that they don’t bother or panic from the cleaners.

    The cleaning procedure goes beyond professionalism

    The cleaning procedure is carried out with professional equipment for the Putney field. The first part of the cleaning is vacuuming. The team takes care of all the dust and tiny bits on the carpets.

    The second part is steam cleaning. Powerful jets of boiling water mixed with cleaning products are injected deep into the carpets. This procedure is for a thorough clean up and removal of stains.
    The finishing step is sucking up the water from the carpets and pumping it into a tub.