Carpet Cleaning Kensington W8

We make sure old carpets look and feel brand new

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    “My children used to stain all the carpets at home with different types of food and liquids. Every time they would do that I would get angry, but not anymore. Thanks to your professional carpet cleaning service I do no worry about stains anymore. You guys can get any stain out in no time! – Mike”

    “For the past 2 years I have been a loyal client to your professional carpet cleaning service. You have proved to me that no matter how stubborn the stain you can get anything out. And it is not just that, every time you clean the carpet it smells fresh for days! – Anton”

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    Minimum call out charge £48
    • We have seen the worst cases and have handled them.
    • The client can reschedule the appointment if they need to.
    • The client does not pay for the consumables that we use.
    • We only use products that are as carefully selected from the Kensington market to be as effective as they are Green.
    clean carpet

    A carpet needs to be maintained, otherwise it becomes a spawn for bacteria that worsen the environment of the room that it is laid out in. Thorough cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to avoid any cause of illness among pets and children.

    That is why we have our carpet cleaning service, so that people have access to a reliable option for a service which is more of a necessity rather then a luxury. Everyone from our team is a professional in the Kensington field, we make sure to get the job done properly and our prices are satisfyingly affordable.

    Every new client is introduced to the carpet cleaning service before anything else. We give them a thorough explanation of the entire service from start to finish without missing out any important details. We want to make sure that the client is properly informed.

    Asking questions around the Kensington area are encouraged. If the client is unsure about something and doesn’t understand it, they can ask. It is our priority to avoid any incidents. Every client needs to be provided with a service of equal quality.

    When the client hires the service, the next priority for us is to arrive at their home on time. Before we do however, the client needs to make sure to have prepared their home for the procedure.

    The client needs to clear their carpets, therefore, they need to move any light furniture so that they are not in the way while we clean. Also, if the the client has pets, it is best for them to be taken to a safe space where they wouldn’t panic from our equipment.

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    If you are tired from you everyday life and all that you are wishing for is some time for relaxation, we are pretty sure that you are not excited about the cleaning chores which await you at the end of the week. This is why we recommend you to try the professional cleaning service of Steam Carpet Cleaning London.

    You can be sure that we are the only cleaning company in London which can provide such a wide variety of cleaning services which can handle any mess and provide sparkling clean results in no time. Don’t waste any time and give us a call right now.

    We can assure you that our company is very trustworthy and we can easily fit all of your preferences and satisfy all of your needs. We provide our cleaning services across entire London, seven days a week, so feel free to contact us whenever it is most convenient for you.