Carpet Cleaning Clapham Junction SW11

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    “Cleaning the carpets is not something one should take lightly, especially if you have more than one carpet in your house and its time for a spring cleaning. Every summer I would spend hours scrubbing and sponging the carpets in my home and when they finally dry out they wouldn’t look very different from before I washed them. This year I took a step forward and hired your carpet cleaning services. I like how your team took care of all the varieties of stains and they are nowhere to be seen. Excellent job and for a good price! – Donna”

    “My carpet was very dirty after my cat walked on it with wet and muddy paws. I called your company and your cleaners made it snow white again without any paw prints on it. Thank you for being so quick and efficient, I will keep your number for any future accidents. – Gary”

    We have established our carpet cleaning service to provide people with a professional touch for every home, work place and public space. The service is carried out by a team of people who are either trained for the job or have been in the Clapham Junction industry for a very long time.

    Our service is a highly selected choice among the rest of the services on the SW11 market. We have made hundreds of people from all across London, happy that they have chosen us.

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    Minimum call out charge £48

    We go step by step to insure that the service is provided perfectly

    • If one cleaning team can’t make it that day, we will send another.
    • All client receive the same quality of service.
    • All products used by our cleaners are environmentally friendly.
    • 100 percent of the service is carried out without any extra payment.
    clean carpet

    With every new client, we make sure to introduce them to the carpet cleaning service, give them all of the info that they need to know and make sure not to miss out on any of the details.

    If the client has questions surrounding the Clapham Junction area, we encourage them to ask. We definitely have the answer that they are looking for.

    After hiring us, and making their appointment, we notify our cleaning team of our client’s booking and they make sure to arrive at the client’s home on time.

    Before the cleaners arrive, the client needs to prepare their home for the procedure. They will have to move any light furniture from the carpets and take their pets into a safe area where they wouldn’t panic or bother the cleaners.

    When the cleaning team arrives at the client’s home, they expect for them to be there. If there is no one home, they will just leave.

    A short but thorough explanation of the cleaning procedure

    When the cleaning team arrives, they get to work with professional for the Clapham Junction field equipment. First they start off with vacuuming, so to pick up all of the dust and tiny bits.

    The next step is steam cleaning. Our team injects jets of boiling water mixed with cleaning products to treat all stains and thoroughly clean the carpets.

    And the procedure is finished off with the drying of the carpets as water is sucked up and pumped into a tub.