Carpet Cleaning Blackheath SE3

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    “When I read online that you can successfully remove stubborn stains off carpets using nothing but earth-based cleaning materials I was more than intrigued to have you clean my carpets. A few days ago you technicians came for a cleaning and they really did it- all the stains and dirt were gone, but the best thing is that now I don’t have to worry about them being unsafe for my children. – Barbara”

    “Your cleaning technicians carried out their duties to perfection. My carpets were left completely clean and spotless. Your service is both cheap and effective and I will sure recommend you to all of my friends. Keep up with the good work, guys! – David”

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    You’re carpets will be softer and more vibrant then ever before

    • The service is carried out with professional equipment.
    • We only use cleaning products that are carefully selected from the Blackheath market to be as effective as they are safe for people’s health and the environment.
    • The client does not pay for any consumables.
    • The client has control over the service. If they need to, they can reschedule an appointment.
    clean carpet

    The carpets that you have in your home will eventually be in need of a professional clean up. With our carpet cleaning service, that problem can be easily handled. We exterminate all germs, bacteria, dust and stubborn stains and restore a carpet back to the way it looked in the shop.

    Our team is entirely consisted of people who are experts in the Blackheath field. Since we have established ourselves we have maintained the same morals. The things that have changed are our professionalism and standards.

    Every new client that we have is introduced to the carpet cleaning service, and you will not be an exception. If you decide to contact us, we are going thoroughly explain to you how the whole thing works from start to finish and we will make sure not to miss a single important detail.


    However, things can get complicated, so if there is something that you can’t quite get, just go ahead and ask questions. We have the answers to any questions falling into the Blackheath field and we want to avoid any incidents of someone being oblivious to what they pay for.

    When completing the introduction, we shall proceed with the booking of the appointment and after that, it is up to us to make it to your home right on time. You or someone from your household should also be home at that time. If there’s no one to let us in, we will have to leave.

    Before we arrive however, make sure that you prepare your home for the procedure. You will need to clear the carpets that will be cleaned, from any light furniture and fragile objects. Also, if you have pets, take them to a safe space so that they don’t start panicking or bothering us.

    More Info About Us in Blackheath

    We provide a one of a kind cleaning experience with plenty of class. Steam Carpet Cleaning London is a highly-regarded professional cleaning service with teams of specially trained cleaning technicians whose capabilities in cleaning exceed everybody’s expectations. Many of our clients have thought a certain stain to be irremovable, and we have always managed to prove them wrong- with the help of the best equipment available on the market in the hands of our cleaning technicians, no stain or dirt stand a chance.

    The cleaning team we will send to your house will make all the dirt go away- they double-check every corner and never leave even the smallest detail behind. They work as a team and finding and removing invisible dust, hidden behind, under, above and on objects is their specialty. We guarantee that the cleaning results we can provide for you will be the best you will ever find in area.